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My Beautiful Paper Smile

A horror game with a pretty straightforward gameplay and a very unique art style. With a black and white gothic aesthetic, its clown-like characters gave this videogame an air of Tim Burton’s animated movies, offering a very original visual proposal in the videogame industry. Its linear narrative limited the tests’ degree of complexity, and its robust programming made it an fairly easy project from the QA perspective. 

It didn’t have that many bugs, but still, our team had to double check the game’s collision engine to make sure players couldn’t cross walls nor meet invisible barriers. Another important issue was testing the enemies attacks and whether they dealt the right damage. Finally, our team checked that the storyline progressed according to the game’s script, like in any other narrative game.

This was a really fun project, especially because the game had key jump scares that caught many team members off guard, and that screamed in front of everyone in the office, making us all laugh.


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