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Alexa Music Mash was one of TagWizz’ most ambitious internal projects. Tackling the technological breakthrough produced by smart speakers, TagWizz creative team of developers came up with the idea of challenging smart speaker users with a game inspired by spot the difference, but with songs instead of visual cues. Music Mash puts the user’s hearing skills at test, by playing the same fragment of a song three times, where only one is correctly played, while the others are distorted in their rhythm.

Another aspect where Music Mash stands out is that it serves as a platform for many indie musicians that offered their songs as part of the project. The TagWizz team is immensely grateful to them for their support and trust in this project. It wouldn’t have been possible without their input and their talent, a rare case of cooperation between software developers and artists from the music industry. This was made possible thanks to TagWizz’ commitment to diversity and multidisciplinary teams.

Being Alexa a smart speaker, all the user experience takes place by sound. This was the most challenging aspect of the project, programming the user experience in such a way that the user could navigate through the app and its challenges without getting confused. Also, programming Alexa to interpret the user answers correctly was one of this project’s most important achievements. Few games are programmed for smart speakers, so Music Mash allowed TagWizz to explore very innovative ideas, and work them through to the end despite all the challenges.

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