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Gameclub is a subscription service that allows the user to have access to more than a hundred mobile games, mostly indie. In the app, each game has a trial period where the user can download it for free up to a certain level. Given the large number of games to be tested, the QA team had to cover a lot of bugs, especially every time the subscription app was updated, the team had to make sure that the update would not cause bugs in the hundred-plus games.

The TagWizz QA team tested whether the trial period was met, so that users were blocked when reaching that point until they paid for the subscription, which is a crucial aspect of this business model. It did happen in certain games that the trial period could be skipped by users, and the user kept playing more levels without paying the subscription. Therefore, the QA team made sure that there were no problems in payments by users. A common bug in this type of service is that payments are not applied, which makes users very frustrated and could lead them to abandon the app. The QA team also tested all the games at climactic moments, and recorded videos to be used for promotional purposes.

This was a very demanding project, which required testing with greater speed and concentration, going from one game to another until covering them all. There were times when four games were tested on a single day, and the testers needed to have a very fresh mind to deal with so much information. The Gameclub teams were very appreciative of our work, and they let us know that without TagWizz's QA testing, it would have been impossible for it to go so smoothly.


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