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Inspired by the popular child play Tag, in this game the player takes the role of a hunter or prey. In ten rounds of 15 to 30 seconds, hunters must catch the preys to score points, while prey earns points by not being catched. The selection of who is hunter and who is prey is random, and evened out between rounds. Tag by TagWizz comes with a wide range of maps, chosen by the player, who waits in a lobby while playing side mechanics until joined by the other players.

This game has been developed in the Roblox metaverse, but we are actively adapting it to other platforms so that we acquire the necessary expertise to serve our clients in any existing metaverse.

It also is a very fun game: our development team gets so excited while testing it, that it finds itself playing for longer than scheduled. Also, TagWizz is using an unorthodox management style by allowing each member of the team to create and direct a level each, allowing a diverse set of gameplay ideas and mechanics. 


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”TAG by TagWizz” is our metaverse experience proposal based on the famous "Tag, You're It" game (also called tig, it, tiggy, tips, tick, tip).

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