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World War II and Titan Wars

Following our QA work with the successful Titan Wars, Simutronics contacted us again to test a reskin of the same game based on second world war battlefields, out of which the mobile game World War II came out. Our experience from the previous title helped smooth our tests for World War II, a card game in which the cards played by each user spawn troops on a battlefield where they meet in combat. Players need to defeat their opponents by either destroying their base, or by having more life than the opponent in case time runs out. 

Our QA team tested many specific features, like the energy cost for every unit deployed in the battlefield, that the game interpreted these costs correctly, and that it refreshed energy costs at the right time. Another important aspect testers looked into was unit behavior on the battlefield so that it met the expected behavior set by developers. Finally, condition victories had to be met in order to reward the correct player.

As players progressed, testers made sure the right cards were unlocked, and that units were updated accordingly. World War II records matches so they could be replayed later, something our testers made sure could be done without major issues.

Our collaboration with Simutronics went smoothly and without problems, always reminding our clients of the importance of keeping our QA team informed of any game updates, because sometimes they might trigger unexpected bugs, and need to be always tested before uploading them to the store. Both Titan Wars and World War II were so successful that they’re now developing more ambitious games.

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