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Moshpit is a rock and metal subculture, in which people attending a concert gather around a circle and dance and push each other without trying to get hurt. This subculture inspired us to develop Moshpit, a fighting battle royale videogame in which players take the role of a concert attendee that enters the moshpit, with the goal of pushing every other player out while dancing.

As the game plays rock music in the background, visual cues are shown to the player to press bottoms and dance, scoring points in the process. The music comes from a library of songs by independent rock bands. The game’s dynamic challenge consists in dancing correctly according to the visual cues, while trying to push every other player out of the moshpit, with two different ways of winning: by being the last person standing in the mosphit, or by scoring more points when the song ends.

Moshpit helped our DEV and QA teams acquire expertise with multiplayer programming and debugging, to the point where, since then, we have participated in the development of several multiplayer games for our clients.

Moshpit is a PixelArt game in which players get a random character selection, from a wide catalog including a zombie, a vampire, a punk, a goth girl, etc. The game’s dynamic gameplay is so fun that the development team finds itself lost in playing while testing it.


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