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Lista was a project by the non governmental organization (NGO) Fundación Capital. It’s an educational app specifically developed for the NGO’s tablets to be used in their field work. The app targeted country people living in distant locations, without access to financial education. It teaches users the basics of personal finances; concepts like savings, insurances, ATMs, investment, credit, and so forth, with an emphasis in family budget management. Each of these concepts are taught in modules of their own. Lista was designed for use in specific regions of Latinamerican countries, like Colombia, Honduras, Peru, among others.

Fundación Capital looked for TagWizz to hire our QA services. We tested the app under multiple adverse connectivity conditions, because it was meant to be used in locations of poor Internet connection. Our team had to make sure the modules could be unblocked successfully, and in the right order, in low connectivity environments. Also the app was adapted to multiple indigenous languages, including Honduras’ garifuna and miskito, which created a real localization challenge, and required arduous work on our part. Audios in indigidenous languages sometimes came with incorrect Spanish vocabulary and sentences, and required correction from the development team. We made sure all audios, art, graphics and texts were adapted to the right indigenous context.

This project also implied simulating connectivity conditions below city standards, in order to test its functionality and data transference when working in the field, where connectivity issues were expected to be recurrent. Lista was a very methodical project, and we worked with very detailed manuals. This also demanded from the TagWizz team to have very fluid communication with Fundación Capital.


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