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Inside our Music Puzzle brand of mobile games, and inspired by the popular Stack, City Builder consists of piling blocks at a songs’ rhythm chosen by the player. The song’s length determines the match’s duration. What sets City Builder apart is that many towers can be built, as long as the song keeps going, and a city of skyscrapers is built by the time the song ends. As skilful players are, the towers will be taller.

And also in contrast with Stack, where towers must be perfect in order to win, in City Builder, the focus is on enjoying the song. It doesn’t matter if the towers aren’t perfect, because the game’s goal is to build a city to the tune of a song. 

This game’s challenge was implementing a solution that allowed us to have popular music. We accomplished this by implementing YouTube’s API. Thanks to this, we could have thousands of songs suggested by users to accompany the experience. The game’s music is not selected by our developer team, but by the public through a system of suggestions and voting. 

We motivate players by a monthly contest in which gamers put their best city to compete against the others’, with the winner having his city displayed as the game’s cover. 

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