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An educational app looking to raise reading statistics among young people in the United States, G-Book’s creators are concerned citizens about the poor reading habits of our youngest generation. G-Book is an online library of children’s stories that include elements from videogames, like branching storylines, item collection and inventory, and achievements. The stories also include maps that position the player inside the story, and also points at the possible directions the plot may go. The final user of G-Book were children, but the real consumers are their parents, usually young parents with the same concern for their children’s education. 

The TagWizz’ team joined this project focused on developing its visual proposal, especially in the area of user interface design and iconography. Our team of artists had to strike the right balance between an aesthetic for children eight years old and visuals appealing to young adolescents of age twelve, assuming that they have a background as videogame players. TagWizz also produced abundant illustrated material, from concept art, through storyboards, all the way to the final art and visual effects included in the game. However, one of G-Books’ most outstanding elements worked by TagWizz were its 3D rendered cinematics, where we flexed our team’s expertise at 3D animation. We created a character and a world to fit it in, in one of TagWizz’ most ambitious productions to date. The results were beautiful cinematics with the smooth animation style of a Pixar film. G-Books’ 3D rendered cinematics are among TagWizz’pride.

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